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United States Stamp Values

Finding Watermarks on Stamps

The Stamps of Germany's Inflation Period

The Pan American Stamp Series of 1901

United States Precancel Stamps - A History and Guide to Collecting

The United States Bank Note Stamps

The Problem of Color in Stamp Collecting

Siam - The Classic Stamps of Thailand

All About Stamp Perforations

Bavaria and the First Stamp Issues of the German States

Stamps of China Identification and Value Guide

Discovery of Rotuma - Fiji Stamp Issue of 1966

The Death of Captain Cook - Norfolk Islands Stamp Issue of 1979

Owls - Marshall Islands Stamp Issue of 2008

Polynesian Pitcairn - Pitcairn Islands Issue of 1971

Whaleship Visits - Marshall Islands Stamp Issue of 1987

Terra Cotta Soldiers - China Stamp Issue of 1983

400th Anniversary of the Birth of Xu Xiake - China Stamp Issue of 1987

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The Coins of the Carson City Mint

The 1913 Liberty Nickel

United States Fractional Currency

So You Inherited a Coin Collection

The History of the Buffalo Nickel - Part I

The History of the Buffalo Nickel - Part II

The History of the Mercury Dime

Ancient Coins And Legal Tender

Collecting Greek, Roman, And Other Old Coins

Morgan Dollar Value Guide

Mercury Dime Value Guide

50 State Quarters Value and Collecting Guide

Buffalo Nickel Value Guide

Indian Head Cent Value Guide

Wheat Penny Value Guide

Understanding Coin Price Guides

Determining Coin Values

Grandma’s Mercury Dimes

Favorite Gold Coins To Collect For Investment

Baseball Card Profile - Brooks Robinson Rookie

Baseball Card Profile - Roy Campanella Rookie

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Card Values

1915 Cracker Jack Baseball Card Values

1933 Goudey Baseball Card Values

1934 Goudey Baseball Card Values

1948 Bowman Baseball Card Values

1949 Bowman Baseball Card Values

1948-49 Leaf Baseball Card Values

The Art of the "Common" Card Box

Collecting Magic The Gathering Game Cards

Airbrushing Miniatures – Getting Started

Airbrush Painting Tips & Techniques

Preparing a Scale Figure for Painting

Weathering Techniques and Realism for Scale Models

Groundwork and Composition in Scale Modeling

Illuminating Your Scale Model with LEDs & Fiber Optics

Paint Types for Scale Modelers

Scale Modeling Tools

Household Items in Scale Modeling

Getting Ready to Work with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Image Transfers

Polymer Clay Mica Shift: To Slice or Not To Slice

Unbeweavably Original - Combine Weaving and Crochet for Distinctive and Practical Projects

A Straight Edge Crazy Quilt In 8 Easy Steps

DIY Wedding Project - Save the Date Bookmarks

DIY Wedding Project - Floral Pens for Decoration and Favors

Get Your Collectible Car Ready For The Driving Season

Protecting Collectibles from Mold and Humidity

Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

Ham Radio Heroes

Collecting Lundby Dollhouses

Miniature Dollhouse Kits Capture the Heart of the Collector

Collectible Porcelain Dolls and the Collectible Antique Doll

Charlot Byj and Her Famous Figurines

Caring For Your Collectible Doll

Fresh Ideas for Collectible Dollhouses: Mirror Your Home’s Style

Hummel Miniatures and Robert Olszewski

Caring for Your Hummel Figurine

Raspberry Pi to Arduino SPI Communication

United States Precancel Stamps - A History and Guide to Collecting

Illuminating Your Scale Model with LEDs & Fiber Optics

An Arduino Neural Network

50 State Quarters Value and Collecting Guide

Buster - A Voice Controlled Raspberry Pi Robot Arm

Raspberry Pi to Arduino SPI Communication

iCE40 and the IceStorm Open Source FPGA Workflow

Introduction to the PICAXE Microcontroller

Design and Build Your Own Robot

K'nexabeast - A Theo Jansen Style Octopod Robot

K'nexapod - A Hexapod Robot Built With K'nex and PICAXE

An Arduino Neural Network

First Look at the Texas Instruments LaunchPad

LaunchPad MSP430 Assembly Language Tutorial

Analog Sensors and the MSP430 Launchpad

Robot Obstacle Detection and Avoidance with the Devantech SRF05 Ultrasonic Range Finder

Flexinol and other Nitinol Muscle Wires

Flexinol Control Circuit Using PIC 16F690 and ULN2003A

Precision Flexinol Position Control Using Arduino

Setting Up A Differential Drive For Your PICAXE Project

PICAXE USB to Serial Conversion

Guide to PICAXE Selection

Basic PICAXE Servo Interfacing

Understanding Variables and Symbols in PICAXE BASIC

Calculating Right Triangles with PICAXE BASIC

Adding Memory with i2c EEPROMs

How to Measure Model Rocket Altitude

3 Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Radio Frequency

Discover the 2-Stroke Model Airplane Engine

Electric RC Cars for Fun and Excitement

Electric flight - the best and worst of Li-Po

RC Car Racing - The Basics

How to get Started Flying RC Helicopters

Fixed Pitch Vs Collective Pitch RC Helicopters

How to Build an O Scale Display

HO Model Trains

Discover Model Trains

The Many Scales of Model Railroading

Etched and Engraved Glass of the Netherlands

Depression Glass

Nineteenth Century Baccarat Paperweights

Clichy Paperweights

Nineteenth Century English Paperweights: White Friars, Stourbridge, Bristol, Bacchus and Sons

Nineteenth Century Saint Louis Paperweights

Nineteenth Century Pennsylvania Glass Paperweights: Gillinder, Challinor and Taylor, W. H. Maxwell

Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Millville Paperweights

Nineteenth Century New England Glass Company Paperweights

Twentieth Century Perthshire Paperweights

Nineteenth Century Sandwich Paperweights

Carnival Glass - The Millersburg Glass Company

Carnival Glass - Fenton Glass Company

Carnival Glass - Imperial Glass Company

Carnival Glass - The Northwood Glass Company

Carnival Glass - The Dugan Glass Company

Italian Majolica - From the Early Renaissance to the Present

Burmese Glassware - From the Mount Washington Glass Company to Fenton

Collecting British Theatre Programs

Hallmark's Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Bearing Up Beautifully - An Introduction to Collectible Teddy Bears

Collecting the Postcard Art of Donald McGill

Collecting Limoges Porcelain

How Do You Know What an Autograph is Worth?

Rare Books-How to Recognize a Modern First Edition

Was Your German Stein Really Made In Germany?

Collecting Military Firearms - The Russian Mosin Nagant Rifle

Batman Comic Book Value Guide

Peaceful Sea

The Great White Fleet Visits Japan 1908

The Dollar Steamship Company

The Canton System of Trade

Salamis Tablet

Computer History Timeline

The Antikythera Mechanism and the History of Clockwork

The Vacuum Tube in Computer History

From Boole to Bits - Claude Shannon's Digital Revolution

George Stibitz and the Bell Laboratories Relay Computers

Grace Hopper - Matriarch of Programming

SCELBI, Altair and the Journey to Home Computing

The Commodore VIC-20 - The Friendly Computer

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